NaPoWriMo day 30

It is the end! I made it! Today marks the last day in National Poetry Writing Month. What a month it was. I have to say as the month progressed the act of daily writing made it easier to do so. Less thought, more flow. So I may continue to write poetry daily for as long as I can. As for this blog, for my small number of followers, (thank you :)❤  I’ll let you know I may post less often but will commit to at least once a week. Congrats to all the NaPoWriMo participants, what a blast and a trip into dedication and willpower.  Today’s prompt is to write a minimalist poem. The most common form is haiku, and since I haven’t written a haiku since elementary school I thought I’d try that. Enjoy.


The emotional
gates are open and unlocked,
get ready for fire.

©Tanja Tomlinson


heart shape yellow flower petals
Photo by Bich Tran on

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