Tarot Poetry: 3 of Swords

It’s all too easy to fall into bad habits of not writing again, especially after such an epic challenge of NaPoWriMo. Well, I will not fall dormant. So, I went searching for some inspiration and found it in the NaPoWriMo archives since this year is my first time participating. Look at a tarot card, be inspired. Lucky for me a deck of tarot cards ended up in my possession recently and I’ve been wanting to learn more about each card individually so….enter my new project, Tarot Poetry. So I randomly drew a card, looked up the meaning and wrote a poem. I think the universe was throwing me a bone to kick this off with the ultra moody 3 of Swords. 😉


3 of Swords

It’s all too easy to depict,
rainy days, dismal grey and a beating heart,
lanced with spears of silver.

Dispersion of the soul,
living in that hollow space,
just above your feelings.

Looking down and wondering why,
you just can’t reach them.

©Tanja Tomlinson

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