Mental Health Break

I’ve been MIA for a reason. The little writing I’ve been doing is highly personal, journal type stuff not fit for share-sies. I’ve started counselling to deal with layers of issues starting back in childhood. It is hard. Nothing about counselling is easy. But it is necessary. I want to model a healthy lifestyle for my kids, including mental health. I want to be free of things that I’ve been carrying for years. My hats off to anyone who has been through it, it is not easy. Here’s to loving yourself!

multicolored smoke
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The Change

Colours seep in slowly,
crawling into the metallic spot in my mind.
The spot where stainless steel was constantly wiped down
with antibacterial spray, keeping the feeling at bay.

The counter is now crawling with tiny microbes and multiplying
and growing in numbers and size everyday.

Big, reluctant sigh.
There is no need to fight the red, yellow blue and grey anymore.
I must face them head on.
March straight into the mess and hope I’ll come out of the void,
stronger than before.

©Tanja Tomlinson

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